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You are moving toward a future that you are creating
"One way or another, your future is one of your own making. This one bears repeating to yourself over and over again, really for the rest of your life."

Diane Curtis: UMass Director, Pre-law Advising

Listen to your intuition
"At the end of your career, you will not take pride in how many deals you closed or the size of your bank account, but how you stood for what you believe."

Kate McGuinness: ex-BigLaw Partner/GC, novelist, coach & activist

A legal conference with the guts to be different
"It really was about breaking free from the traditional stereotypes of what a lawyer should be and instead imagining all the possibilities of what a lawyer can be."

Susan Cartier-Liebel: Solo Practice University


Law student or recent grad

  • Figure out a career path
  • Find a job
  • Create a solo practice
  • Build a personal brand
  • Thrive as a lawyer

Practicing Lawyer

  • Figure out a career path
  • Find a new job
  • Create a solo practice
  • Leave the law
  • Build a personal brand
  • Thrive as a lawyer

Team Trebuchet

Alison Monahan
"Change isn't just coming, it's here. Let's work together to figure this out. It's not all threats; opportunities exist."

Lee Burgess
"The world needs lawyers like you. I want to help you stay in the game and get where you want to go."

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Who Spoke at Catapult?

Rachel Rodgers

Rachel Rodgers

Rachel is the intellectual property and business lawyer for digital entrepreneurs. Read More

Jack Newton

Jack Newton

Jack Newton is the founder of Clio, one of the pioneers of cloud-based practice management. Read More

Inder Comar

Inder Comar is a lawyer with a passion for social impact. He acts as outside corporate counsel & has a pro bono human rights practice. Read More

Linda Alvarez

Linda’s work as an attorney and as a business consultant transforms the way contract negotiation, drafting, and enforcement impact business relationships. Read More

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